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Starting to Learn Through Baby Steps

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The beginning of learning a new language starts by taking small steps. Just like infants that are learning to walk, they begin to crawl, then attempt to stand, then take steps and fall only to gradually start to walk with minimal difficulty. Similarly, anything that must be learned takes time and effort. As long as we put in the effort and time, there is no stopping dedication.

Rather than giving up and saying that it is difficult to learn a language, start with today. Instead of spending time on the television, focus fifteen minutes into learning a new language. Search how to learn a new language on-line. Look up a book about a language and borrow it from the nearest library or buy it used or on-line at used book stores.

Next, dig in deep. Learn how to say the simple words of introducing oneself, affirmations, negations, and the simple sentences that we all need to know. Learn to improve by constant effort every single day. Fifteen minutes compounds over the course of the year. If you were dedicated and decided to do fifteen minutes for a whole year that would be the equivalent of ninety-one hours over the course of the year.

Let’s start somewhere and get to where we want to go. Only you can decide if you want to dedicate those fifteen minutes to bettering yourself or wasting away those fifteen minutes. Learn and improve your life one day at a time. You have the potential and are capable of more.

El empezar de amprender un nuevo lenguaje comienza con pequeños pasos. Así como los bebes empiezan a aprender a sentarse, a gatiar, y a tomar pasos diminutivos, tambíen como adulto debe de empezar. Aprender un nuevo lenguaje depende de tiempo y esfuerzo. Si somos capaz de poner el esfuerzo y el tiempo, no hay nada que nos detenga.

En vez de darnos por vencidos, debemos empezar HOY. En vez de tomar tiempo viendo la television, hay que enfocar por lo menos quince minutos de nuestro dia hacia aprender un nuevo lenguaje. Podemos ver en linia o buscar livros que nos enseñ un nuevo vocabulario. Podemos ir a la biblioteca a conseguir un livro or tambien podemos comprarlos de tiendas usadas.

Lo siguiente requiere seguir. Empezemos aprendiendo como introducirnos en ese lenguaje, conocer las palabras para decir si, no, y usar simple frases que todos debemos saber en un nuevo idioma. Si somos dedicados en esos quince minutos diarios, entonces podemos aprender mas o menos noventa y un horas en el año.

Hay que empezar hoy y llegar a donde queremos ir. Solamente tu puedes dedicar los quince minutos diarios a mejorar uno mismo. Hay que mejorar y aprender un dia a la vez. Tu tienes el potencial y eres capaz de esto.


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