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Changing Habits For a More Productive Year

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There are many things to be done in a simple day. From making sure that the clothes are clean, the room is organized, the dishes are washed, the car is road proof, and many more activities that pop up. While having to take care of the normal activities may be stressful, there are ways to improve and make it easier. Some of us procrastinators wait until the last minute to get everything done. Others plan out every single detail of their events. Sometimes less is more and knowing when to be mindful of this is important.

Writing Things Down

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While working and taking care of many activities is difficult, being mindful of our time is important. Organizing our time into scheduled slots will allow us more time to be productive. How many times have we accidentally forgotten something important due to the fact that the event or activity was not written down. Make sure to write down every important activity. Whether you have to send an important work e-mail or send a letter through the mail, you need to start writing it down.

Being Mindful of Your Time

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While time is of the essence, it is easy to fall into one of the pitfalls that everyone has done in the past. Wasting time. Whether it is scrolling down endless Twitter feeds or Facebook posts, this needs to stop. It does not mean that you shouldn’t have time to do what you enjoy, but make sure that you schedule time in and stop at the directed time. It is so easy to fall down the road of excess when not using our time correctly.

Learning to Say the Dreaded Word

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You have to be able to say the word “no”. It is very difficult at first if you have been conditioned to always go with the flow. If you have to do an activity because it will help down the road, then you can still say yes; however, be mindful to really mean it. If you really do not want to go to that meeting or hang out, you can say no with no guilt or shame. Your time is important, and sometimes you have to say no.

Being Grateful For the Progress Even If It is Small

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Whatever progress you are making at this time, you need to make sure to pat your back. Give yourself some encouragement and learn to acknowledge that you are human and are able to make mistakes. Do not grovel at the sight of a mistake. Embrace your humanity and see a mistake as what it really is. The ability to recognize a learning experience. There may be individuals who may wish to make you feel bad for making a series of mistakes, but no one can judge you for what you do. Learn to take care of yourself and be grateful for the ability to make mistakes and continue. If you are on a roll, that is also an opportunity to be grateful. Whether you are doing great or not so great, you should be able to note those people, things, ideas, and abstract concepts that you are grateful for.

Giving Back

While finances may be difficult to manage at times, it is important to give back in whatever way you can. Whether you are giving your time to a charitable organization or donating your hard earned labor, you should be able to give back. This goes back to the previous point that you should be grateful for what you have. One sure way to show this is giving to those who could use the help.


I hope these five points allowed you the ability to find ways to improve your habits for this New Year and New Decade. I am wishing the best to you and everyone near you. Let’s make this year something extraordinary and beautiful.

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