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The Year in Technology

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2019 was a fast year. Every year seems to speed up, yet the way that it seems time is speeding up is tremendous. In this year, we were introduced to new uses for our technology as well as for refined methods for using technology to fit our needs and desires. Laborious tasks become simple and busy work is being automatized to allow for more time for hobbies, passions, and more well-being. With the start of a new year are new expectations and new hopes.

Tesla CyberTruck

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Very few people will have a neutral opinion of the new Tesla CyberTruck. Either you will love it or hate it. It is one of those products that is innovative to the point of changing the status quo. A full grade truck with the capacity to implement technology to improve driving habits and safety is not a new concept. The design however shows that there is a new way of being trucks and cars. Paying homage to geometry and simple yet stylish exteriors while providing a space-ship grade material for defense, the CyberTruck is something new. Any of the specifications and 0-60 mph tests are impressive on their own. This is not a topic only of perfection or improvement, but also one of taste. While most trucks and cars seem to look the same, the CyberTruck attempts to make a distinction.

Improved AI Automatization

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The ability to learn to code has never been greater. Seeing how television sets, phones, and refrigerators are becoming more and more integrated with the passing of time. The ability to relay information in the blink of an eye allows for time to be saved. Whenever a refrigerator is out of milk, the refrigerator could be able to take a snapshot and create an order for the milk to be bought which could be delivered through e-mail or text to the user’s phone. The way technology can be used to save time and effort is a noble implementation idea. With it, there is the need for people to learn to code and learn programming languages to be able to speed up these micro-automatized internet transactions.

Improved Phones and Screen Size

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The cell phone has changed the way people communicate. Adding the use of the internet and text messaging capabilities, has only increased the way phones are now becoming a necessity for modern living. Either to call a relative or to make a payment at a bank, the phone is allowing us the possibility to traveling without actually moving. With the increase in screen sizes with foldable phones and increased and improved memory storage, the smart phone has revolutionized the past decade.

Crypto Currency

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The addition of do it yourself banking is allowing people who never had a bank to own an account. While individuals do not need to be banked, there are definitely downsides to staying unbanked. Crypto Currency is allowing individuals to obtain loans and receive transfer of funds with the use of this new technology. While this is not new and has been around since 2009, the way that it is being used will definitely play a role in the lives of everyone.

Privacy Respecting Tools

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With the implementation of privacy e-mail companies and privacy respecting ad-browsers like Brave, the internet is allowing for users to take back their privacy. Brave Browser rewards individuals who wish to forego the typical ads for specific ads that have not tracked the user. On top of that, the user obtains payment for viewing the ads. This allows both individual and ad agency to engage in better terms.

Giving Back Through Technology

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With the rise of technology, there is also the rise in ways to give back to the community, state, or world in which we live in. There are multiple non-profit organizations that can get the help that they need through online payments. The recent tree planting site allowed for multiple amounts of trees to be planted without the need to do a pledge drive or increase their costs. Individuals simply logged on to the site or placed an order and helped. With these technologies, giving back to those in need will be improved and the way the money will be used will also be improved.

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