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Careers of the Future Decade

With the new year approaching and the start of a new decade, careers are being changed from the ground up. New careers are being created and those of previous renown are not as profitable or conducive to living a balanced life. Another complexity includes the rise of technology and its effects on careers. Will technology complement and allow for the busy work to be automated or will complete industries be replaceable? All of this creates the FOMO that has certainly been the talk of the town for this past decade. Let’s look at possibilities within our implementation of AI and computer science integration.

Coding Careers

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Data Scientist has seen a rise in the number of job positions available. Like Cybersecurity, individuals must be able to have an adequate skill set. Data Scientists must be able to know how to code in SQL and Python among other types of languages. They must be able to understand statistics and have people skills. They must be able to present leadership skills since they must know how to describe their findings to other team members. According to Glassdoor, there are 14,594 Data Scientist open jobs currently with compensation from 73K to 143K. In a world with so much data at the scientist’s disposal, coming out with verifiable statistically significant insight is possible. The amount of information in the world is doubling at a faster rate each year. Eventually, data will be doubled at a rate of every second.

Cybersecurity expert has also seen a rise in the total number of job positions available. Many individuals are needed to fill the positions at top companies, but the lack of the skill set has led to a number of unfilled positions. Companies are not providing continued education opportunities, and individuals must take the initiative on their own to learn about the new field. Coding takes time to learn and even more to perfect. Learning Python, C, Javascript and other languages can take time as well.

Software developers are able to create the applications and software that revolutionize industries. They are able to use coding to make complex tasks easier and allow for the interconnection of data from database to user. Software developers can create new innovations that can facilitate learning among other things.

Artists, Musicians, Curators

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Artists will never be replaced by AI due to the need of creativity. Although AI can be creative, artists have the ability to provide new music and new genres through spontaneous acts of creativity. While writing a script may provide necessary components for a song to be created, it is hard to be relate to the song if the individual did not go through said experiences or lived through the lyrics as some songs have reminded us. Art sculptures and paintings will continue to attract the curiosity of every individual because they are windows into the culture and beliefs of an individual.

Curators of art will still need to have people skills to understand what the culture within a community is looking for and how to better fit the needs of the community. This is something that requires empathy, respect, and communication skills. Skills that are difficult to replace with technology.

Traditional Careers (Law, Medicine, Accountants, and Managers)

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Nurses will still offer the care and nurture that AI cannot displace. Surgeons will still continue to operate and Emergency Department physicians will still be able to enjoy the early morning or night shifts with possibly not effect. These professions can be safe due to their time sensitive response as well as the need for the human aspect of empathy of the career to take care of individuals.

Accountants and managers will still be needed due to their ability to relate their findings to co-workers and be able to discuss ideas. Clients will still look for individuals with the necessary skills to provide much needed information.



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