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Learning Data Science Through Bertelmann’s Scholarship Program

What are the components of a data scientists? What does being a data scientist entail? What do you do as a data scientist all day? These are questions that have been asked in the past about the job specifications of a data scientist. With the growing number of data scientist jobs opening up and the relatively few candidates with the matching requirements, it is interesting to see how the position has attracted attention.

From what I know so far is that a data scientist is a multi-level connoisseur of many different subjects. A jack of all trades in the sense that they are part statistician, part programmer, part data base analyst, and part people’s person, among other parts not specified. A mythical creature indeed that is able to use multiple skills to solve questions posed by companies and curious individuals.

While I may be simplifying something more complex, the truth is that data scientists have probably been around but were called a different name in the past. The career has probably evolved with time and absorbed other roles and jobs. From mastering Bayesian Statistics, to programming lines on Python, to finding specific data from a database by Joining tables, and being able to communicate effectively, a data scientist must have a solid foundation to get a foot in the door so to speak.

Each of these components can some time to learn and master. Statistics can have complex formulas for statistical variance and population variance which must be carefully inputted onto Excel to then attempt to solve the riddle at hand. Programming Python can also take time to learn the basics of understanding logic and syntax. It is all doable though. Learning SQL is also another task that similar to Python has it’s own syntax and special words to memorize.

Although it may seem like it is a lot to learn, it is possible when you have the materials simplified and when so much knowledge exists at the tip of your fingertips. There are countless sites dedicated to the pursuit of instructing others on the uses of Python and SQL. There are videos and reading materials that make it that much easier to place everything in perspective.

It may be stressful that any new project will require time commitment, dedication, and perseverance, but the reality is that this may be the best time to learn at the moment. There is also an amazing Slack community that allows you to be encouraged by getting help with problem solving, lack of encouragement, or simply seeing the amount of resources that exist.

While you may feel discouraged to pick up a new skill set, you can give a few minutes of your day to learn a new skill without feeling the need to over commit. The new decade is about to begin and with it new challenges, new progress, and new ideas will evolve. Whether you feel the need to self study or to join a group, you have the time to learn something new.

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