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What I Observed from Asking 8K Questions on Quora in 1 Year Pt.1

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

As you grow you learn to embrace not knowing a lot of information. You then attempt to learn as you go and the simplest way to learn is to research and ask. I have learned over the years that this helps in the long run. There are no dumb questions.

I was asked to participate in the Quora Partner program which entailed asking questions on Quora about any topic that came to mind. I decided I was going to ask the most questions I could possibly think of by the end of the year setting a goal of 5K. I ended up asking 8K, but hundreds were removed in order to merge with other questions that were similar.

I learned several things from asking a bunch of questions. Some were formulaic like “What is the X of Y and Z.” Some were more personal, but I wanted to know what questions would be more popular. I wanted to learn how well received some questions were and how much annoyance some of the questions would cause.

I do not intend to say this scientifically or base any specific conclusion other than give observances from what I saw. Here are some things I observed from the number of question views:

1. Soccer is popular around the world, and Messi is the GOAT.

2. Programming languages are very popular topics. Some of the most well thought out answers were about programming languages and computer operating systems. Everyone is very helpful concerning these topics. The computer science community is well informed and very respectful.

3. Batman may be the most popular super hero on the site.

4. Most people answered questions with respect and expertise. I really enjoyed reading most of the answers and am continuing the task of reading every answer even if it takes me more time.

5. Very few people were annoyed at the questions or posted disgruntled comments. Very few were offended by some questions. Let’s call them the vocal few.

6. Instagram models are a popular topic.

7. Mozart and Beethoven are also popular classical musical geniuses.

8. PC building is also a popular topic.

9. Questions about countries and language learning and saying words in another language were popular as well. Taiwanese inventions and questions about Swedish, Finnish, and Japanese languages (separate) resulted in the most views concerning language questions.

10. Libertarians cannot be stumped. Concerning political sides, a question about Libertarians received the most views.

The questions I started asking were from about November of last year 2018. I began asking questions as a side project to see how the questions were answered, how they were viewed, what questions would be popular, and what questions were relegated to infamy. I tried asking questions about different themes and ideas from sports teams, politics, computer science and many different topics.

The total questions have been viewed 3.11 million times, they have been shared 2 times, and the questions have 11.2 thousand followers.

The top question that had been viewed with a total of 107K views was:

1. What are the top five programming languages to learn as a software engineer? 107 k views, 0 shares, 14 followers

2. What was the turning point in the history of Pakistan? 99.3K views, 0 shares, 3 followers

3. Who is the most famous Colombian Instagram model? 72.0 K views, 0 shars, 7 followers

4. What language can you learn in three months? 45.5 K views, 1 share, 8 followers

5. If soccer players could be stratified by levels, who would be at Lionel Messi’s level? 41.3 k, 0 shares, 4 followers

6. What is the easiest to use user interface: Mac, Windows, Linux? 40.8 k, 0 shares, 0 followers

7. What is the best invention from Taiwan? 38.4 k, 0 shares, 7 followers

8. Who is the most famous Spanish Instagram model? 36.0 k, 0 shares, 2 followers

9. What two Batman movies are the closest at portraying the Dark Knight? 33.1 k, 0 shares, 3 followers

10. If Mozart met Beethoven what would they say to each other? 31.6 k, 0 shares, 1 follower

I’ll try to relate to how each question may indicate much more about the importance of certain topics or ideas.

The top 10 questions that have received the most earnings would include:

1. In what order should you play the Batman Arkham City, Asylum, Origins, and Knight games?

2. Is it better to work one full job or two part-time jobs if the salary or money was the same?

3. What is the difference between Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and Cinnamon?

4. What is more difficult getting a PhD, MD, or JD?

5. What fruit is the most sour?

6. What is the best graphing calculator app for Android?

7. What is the best book about dealing with narcissists?

8. What are five sentences to know in Greek?

9. When building a PC, what five parts are the most expensive?

10. Why are people leaving social media?

The topics that attracted the most attention in no particular order include: Batman, careers and jobs, education, operating systems, tastes, narcissists, languages, social media, and pc building, instagram models, history, cities, and countries. This is just an overview about the questions I asked and the questions that received the most views. There are limitations to the objectivity because I did not have a specific parameter set before asking questions. I randomly asked questions about different topics which totaled 8K. Some were flagged by moderation for being repeated.

I do not mean to imply, suggest, or make a claim or statement or come up with a conclusion from the random experiment. It was just something that felt interesting to do at the beginning of the year. I would not recommend it if you are looking to make a quick buck although if you are interested in data and statistics, it is something that can be done.

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