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Top Wrestling Matches of 2019

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With the arrival of each year, there is the potential of companies investing in their talent and allowing the creative freedom to put on a great wrestling spectacle. Each year, there are matches that take away our breathes. From the physical presence to the in ring athleticism and all the way to the endurance of seen in the matches, the following matches are definitely guaranteed to help you enjoy wrestling.

1.Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega @ All In

One of the most brutal matches of the year. A match that allowed for ECW hardcore fans to see what extreme wrestling is all about. With the current influx of PG content in WWE as well as the absence of hardcore matches, AEW put on one of the greatest matches of the year. The hardcore match was only part of what made this match amazing. Add to it the participants: Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. Enter a great story line where Moxley, who has taken out and defeated every opponent in a dominating manner, comes head to head with “The Cleaner”. Both wrestlers are great at in ring psychology with Moxley having been the mouthpiece and enforcer of the Shield and Kenny Omega being the force of nature in the Elite. Both wrestlers can be considered the top of the wrestling industry in many ways.

The story line focused on showing the brutal wrestling nature of Moxley while Omega attempted to break from his limits and match Moxley’s brutality while causing him to question his sanity during the matches. A great match that saw chairs and many items used. The match progressed in intensity with the used of barbed wire and several spots that saw both competitors fall onto said weapons. Whether you looked on in terrifying amazement or look away for a moment, the match made you question the human limit and how it is capable of surpassing those limits. You could see that Moxley wanted this type of match in the past, but was denied by previous management. Now, you could see what creativity could produce when you have two of the best wrestlers in the industry square off. Both competitors won in the sense that they reached a new level of wrestling that had not been seen in the past.

2. Okada vs. Chris Jericho @ Dominion

You can’t have a top wrestling match list without one of the most prominent wrestlers of the past two decades. Chris Jericho continues to redefine his wrestling persona as well as the wrestling industry. Whether he is creating “the List of Jericho”, “a little bit of the Bubbly”, “you entitled millenial b****”, and many more, Jericho is sure to place anything and anyone over with the inspiration that flows through. Of course, Okada does not to be placed over since he has had so many great matches over the years in New Japan Wrestling along with Kenny Omega and many others. This match was no  exception.

The “Painmaker” was able to demonstrate his heel nature from the onset of the match. Dominating with big boots and face slaps, Jericho was able to mistreat Okada and build up the match as a classic heel vs. babyface match. However, the match’s progression improved as both wrestlers countered each other’s moves over and over again. Okada hit a code breaker. Jericho attempted the tombstone pile driver. Okada was hit with the lionsault. It was a match that not only showed the resilience of Okada but also showed how Jericho is a wrestling move set guru. He continues to add moves to his impressive move set and delivers a great story line in the process of the match. The ending allowed for Jericho to look strong and allowed Okada to continue being the champ.

3. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch @ Royal Rumble

A match with two of the best women wrestlers in the world. Lynch has so many talents from promo skills to in ring psychology and storytelling along with the heavy hitter move set. Asuka, on the other hand, is able to use her technical move set to create interesting move combinations and does not shy away from the heavy hitting and kicking as well.

The match showed some of the most intense spots between these two competitors. Asuka hitting a suplex from the apron onto the outside of the ring on Becky Lynch. Lynch hitting the Becksploder suplex from the top rope. Both participants exchanging submission moves. It was a brutal match with heavy hitting and great spots. While Asuka won the match, Becky looked strong through the match. This match elevated both competitors to a new level. Asuka has had many great matches with Ember Moon as well showing that Asuka is such a great talent. Becky was also upped her game with each year.

4. Lucha Brothers vs. Young Bucks @ Double or Nothing

A tag team match with so much in ring psychology. Every match that involves the Young Bucks is special not only because of the amount of spots and high risk moves that are used, but they are also good at selling as well. Similar to great wrestlers who thrive and sell, the Young Bucks also like to provide in ring psychology making a match become a living breathing story line. At the beginning of the match, you get to see Pentagon Jr. try to taunt the Young Bucks only to be stopped. This tells of the arrogance and general indifference of Pentagon Jr. Meanwhile, Phoenix and the other Matt Jackson would go on and attempt to one up each other in the athletics department with both wrestlers coming up equal. The match progressed and began to increase the already fast pace that it started with. This type of story telling can be rare to be seen. Matches are either so short that they are basically squash matches or hot tag matches. This was a breath of fresh air for the tag team division globally. There is a reason why Jim Ross calls the Young Bucks “the greatest tag team”.

5. Daniel Bryan vs. Adam Cole “Baby” @ Smackdown

This was a match made as an impromptu match. Daniel Bryan is able to put on great matches and Adam Cole as well. Both participants allowed for the pacing of the match to increase gradually until both participants were no selling the move sets and reversing each other’s moves. The match took on a rapid pace culminating in the unexpected finish.  The turn of events came when to the surprise of everyone in attendance and those watching at home, Adam Cole defeated the experienced Daniel Bryan. Adam Cole has been a sweet heart of the indie scene similar to Daniel Bryan. This match was seen as a gesture to put Adam Cole over and possibly push him to stratospheric levels. This match made both competitors feel big in their talent, but allowed Adam Cole to show that he definitely belongs in main event pictures of the main roster.

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