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What I Learned in 2019

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Every year we tell ourselves that the next year will be better. We make sure to plan out every detail from the number of houses, cars, bf/gfs, we will have. The amount of hours we want to work. The place where we would want to live. The friends we would like to have. And then life happens.

Regardless of the events or circumstances, there is something beautiful in the way life attempts to teach you lessons as you go along. I feel that this year was full of lessons that made it a completely different year from any other.

I learned to let go of the political discussions and events. I decided to stop following the news cycle that had made me bitter of both sides of the isles. Instead of growing together, we were not growing together. I learned to select the content that I would listen to and hear and see. We are all human beings attempting to make a better tomorrow for ourselves, our loved ones, and the communities and places where we live. I was drained from the left vs. right dichotomy that really benefits no one. Both sides have faults and virtues, and it is important to pick and choose the battles instead of getting consumed by political discussions and events.

I learned to listen more and understand different perspectives. Instead of simply applying judgement and go for the quick sarcastic joke or belief, I attempted to understand circumstances and decision making. It is so easy to judge one another without experiencing the pain, paralysis, and conflicts that some decisions may take on someone. While results may be affected by a decision, I’ve learned to be more understanding instead of rushing to judgments. Who am I to judge? Everything happens for a specific reason.

I learned to change my unhealthy routines. I am still battling with this. I like to read a lot and it can definitely take time away from other actions. I have learned to wake up and start with action instead of being passive. I start by reading or working out and that seems to set the day. I removed the ongoing news cycle that only created fear and uncertainty. You have to be able to control what you cannot, and whatever you cannot control, allow for the One who is able to control to take care of it.

I learned that you cannot force things. None. It must be organic and mutual. You cannot force a job, career, relationship, acquaintanceship (is that a word?) on anyone or yourself. I am slowly but surely learning more about myself and the world around me.

I try to learn each day and understand more each day. I have experienced sadness, despair, and a lack of motivation at times, but each time I try to learn from the feelings and the actions surrounding said feelings. Learning to care about each other, but also learning to take no disrespect from anyone.

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