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Learning To See The Glass Completely Full (Half Air/Half Water?)

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Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

Many people have documented their lowest points in life. From the biblical story of King David to the current pop culture artists like Kanye West, every person has a story to tell. We have all fallen down at times and struggled to get back up. Joe Rogan once stated in his eponymous podcast that the beauty of a story is in how someone gets back up. There is truth in this. It is easy to be content and happy at the top of the world, but how do you stay content or even strong during life’s greatest trials and tribulations.

There are times when it feels like everything can be too much. However, there are lesson to be learned after every failure. After every mistake, there is an opportunity to investigate and understand the meaning behind it. Famous artists and entrepreneurs have momentarily failed multiple times to get to the place where they are now. How many times were famous writers rejected by publishers in the past? How many ideas were rejected because they were not conventional? How many people failed multiple tests and continued to study? The list can be endless.

The only guiding light through the rejection is hope and understanding. Hope is able to help guide us to a better tomorrow. Like Scarlet in Gone With the Wind states, “Tomorrow is another day.” Every day is a new day to make everything better little by little. Even when it appears that trying one more time would be pointless, hope allows you to try one more time. As time passes, understanding allows you to see how every mistake, every momentary failure, every missed opportunity was for a reason. Those who rise steadily understand that life will hit harder than any person; however, life will also heal. Rocky’s speech to his son can captivate the indomitable spirit that we are embodied with.

I have my own struggles and dealing with rejection as well. Whether it be the the need for acceptance, the need for understanding, among many others. Yet, I continue not because I am a sadist that enjoys going from such experiences to another, but because it has led me to a place of learning, gratefulness, and peace. Each day allows me to learn more about myself and the world around me.

While every circumstance and situation is different and everybody has been dealt a different set of cards at this poker table we call life, finding contentment in the small things and enjoying the lesson can help during the struggle.

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