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Learning a New Language This New Year

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Learning a language can be difficult at times since you have to make sure you are continually practicing. The best method to improve is consistent practice. There are many ways to continue learning a language even with a less than ideal schedule. Whether you are waiting in a line at the grocery store or deciding to learn for five minutes rather than check the news or social media, a short amount of time each day will result in great improvements.

The best times to learn would be first thing in the morning or close to bedtime. These times are very specific in the sense that usually there may be more time available to have alone time to practice. Whether you wake up and give yourself time to get up or you use technology prior to going to bed, you can always make a few minutes to learn a few words. You do not need to learn a massive amount of words at the beginning. Learning five words per day can put you ahead in a short amount of time. In one year, if the habit is maintained, you can learn up to 1.5 K words. If you only wish to learn two words per day, that would still be more than 700 words. A TED Talk video by a professional linguist stated that to be able to know a language 85% requires knowing close to 800 words in that language more or less. This does not mean memorizing words for the sake of memorizing, but if you make it a habit to learn a few words, you will be able to use them in sentences in conversations and in different ways of learning.

The toughest part of language learning is developing sentences and pronouncing the new words in tandem. This part can be frustrating, scary, and downright difficult since there is no reinforcement concerning pronunciation. You can check the section of this website titled “Learning Languages” in order to learn a few words a day for any of the languages included. You can learn Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese among others.  You can also schedule online lessons in this site in the new section titled “Language Learning Practice”. You can practice learning English or Spanish at this moment as we attempt to incorporate new languages. Currently you can practice on your own and learn a new language from the languages specified.

You can sign up for iTalki or Verbling or one of many language learning services would allow you to speak and practice the sentences and words. You could join a Meetup group locally to practice. There are multiple ways to continue learning. Whether you are looking to brush up your skills for the new year or are trying to learn a skill for a move, you can do it.

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