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Staying in Motion or Applying Newton’s First Law to Life

Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

While there are times when life seems to make some plans fall, there is always hope in trying out new things and seeing how each piece fits in the puzzle. Staying motivated each of the week is difficult and not easy at all. Monday’s may be a breeze, then Tuesday’s can suck or vice versa. Regardless of the motivation, if we decide to stick to our plans of action, we can continue moving forward each day.

Plans may sometimes fall through and may leave you questioning, “Well what now?” When this happens, it is time to keep moving. Keep going. Keep striving. Keep trying. It may be the most difficult time to feel motivated, but action creates more action. Have you ever not wanted to do something and then you started and was like, “Well now I’m going to finish it.” Whether it was cleaning the dishes or writing that paper for school, or planning out the week, finishing your project, or finding resources to questions or learning experiences. The five minute rule definitely seems to be part of that initial action that keeps you in motion.

Our mind seems to want to avoid difficulties at times, but we have to resist and go against the fear or procrastination. We have to be able to continue push against the boundaries. Sometimes working out or taking a cold shower can actually create action against those feelings of fear, inadequacy, or procrastination. It shocks your mind and tells it to stop worrying and move on with the plan. Working out does this as well. Have you every felt like you wanted to do absolutely nothing in a day? Then all of a sudden you decide to work out and get a large amounts of items accomplished. Why is that?

If we are in a comfort zone where there is no motion, then we remain there. We must be able to approach the situation from a different point of view. We must trick our mind to stop the fear and march right through.

I have to include the examples of sports. Usually a team will win when they not only score and defend adequately, but when they move more. In soccer or futbol, there are strategies in the game. Barcelona won many championships in their league in the last decade due to a strategy called pressing when defending and tiki-taka when attacking. Can you guess what they were doing while defending and attacking? Most players were constantly in motion. Most Barcelona players swarmed the other team’s players and pressed so much that the other team would lose the ball regularly. Barcelona would then keep control of the game by passing the ball around. One-touch passes, pass and move, touch and go, until the defense was weary, tired, and defenseless, and they would then score.

When we are constantly on the move, we are leaving the comfort zone and moving towards our goals. Opportunities are created when we keep trying and going. Whether you are running a marathon, running a mile, walking ten minutes, or taking the stairs, each opportunity allows for momentum to occur. Stay active, press on, touch and go, and keep going forward.

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