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Activities To Do During the Quarantine

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While the amount of cases seems to be decreasing in some parts of the world, it is better to be safe. Make sure to stay inside and limit contact with surfaces or individuals that may have the virus if possible. Try your best to keep quarantined for the time specified. This is all so that the virus can not affect more individuals. There are several activities that one can do to keep active in these times.


  1. Play an instrument or learn to play an instrument (voice counts)
  2. Learn to draw
  3. Talk or send a message to a loved one, family member, or close friend
  4. Think positive
  5. Pray
  6. Learn to cook a new recipe
  7. Work out either indoors or using a treadmill
  8. Play video games
  9. Write a short story
  10. Binge watch your favorite series
  11. Play a board game
  12. Read a book
  13. Learn a new skill
  14. Learn to code
  15. Learn a new language
  16. Practice gratitude
  17. Create a podcast


There are so many activities that can be done during these times even as it seems that there are less activities than the usual. While sports and new movies are currently postponed, there are many great movies to be discovered and series that can provide ample entertainment. Add to that the large amount of Youtube videos to learn a new activity or simply to entertain, there are so many options. Imagine only having an Encyclopedia and a television with two channels and going through all this. At least we can be thankful for the amount of entertainment options that are available during the current trying time. Have fun, stay safe, stay indoors, and take care.

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