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Cryptocurrencies Update During Mid-April

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While the cryptocurrencies have fallen from their top marks earlier in the year, Bitcoin has recovered from the bottom. Bitcoin is currently at $7,233.46 per Whether Bitcoin will keep gaining is yet to be seen as gold has also increased as a prime competitor to being an investment that can hold value. Gold increased $236 in the past  month. Returning back to cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has also increased from the previous low to $183.90. The competitors for the top three spots continue to be Bitcoin at number one, Ethereum at number two, and XRP at number three.

XRP is currently at a value of $0.193699 which is also an increase from previous days. While the cryptocurrency market has decreased the gains previously held, they are beginning to see a slight increase that may lead to more increases or the start of a bull cycle if Bitcoin continues to increase. The cryptocurrency market seems to be solidified on how Bitcoin does. With the current increase of Bitcoin up from 6,000, other cryptocurrencies may be increasing as well. Cryptocurrencies that are still in the top ten include Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

EOS, Binance Coin, and Tezos are still in the top ten. While the cryptomarket may have experienced the decrease in pricing, the top cryptocurrencies have been able to hold their value as further decrease in value has stopped while it seems that they are currently making gains. Whether cryptocurrencies, stocks, or gold will be the primary holders of value, it may be interesting to see which of the three increase in value over the next few weeks. Stocks are also increasing in value ranging from natural gas stocks and energy stocks.


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