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What is This Cryptocurrency? Bitfinex Coin

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There are many exchange coins that exist. The exchange coins help exchanges raise funds to pay for operating costs, transaction fees, and help power the network blockchain. Individuals benefit from cryptocurrency exchange coins as they allow for individuals to get rewards, save on transaction costs, and help their favorite cryptocurrency exchange. Bitfinex has a cryptocurrency coin called Unus which allows for Bitfinex to maintain the exchange.

The Unus coin allows for individuals to support their cryptocurrency exchange by either staking their rewards or holding to their coins to save on transaction fees. While many cryptocurrency exchanges have many different options in how they distribute the coins, the Bitfinex supply is less than a billion. Some exchanges keep the number to a certain minimum while others have no specified number of coins.

While Binance and coins have their own type of cryptocurrencies to help power the exchange, Bitfinex does not have the capacity to offer the token in certain regions. It is important to research where each token can be bought and if the token is offered in a specific country. The Bitfinex token may only be available in certain countries.

The Bitfinex coin does allow for users to help their cryptocurrency exchanges keep functioning. It gives an incentive for users to keep the coin in some exchanges as they allow for staking or rewards to be given.

*This does not constitute investment advice. If you are going to invest, make sure to read and research information prior to making an investment or buying.

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