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What is This Cryptocurrency? Neo

NEO Coin. Cryptocurrency Review, Price, Wallet, GAS Coin – BitcoinWiki

Neo is a cryptocurrency that has similarities with Ethereum. Initially, it was branded as a different name but became Neo. The cryptocurrency allows individuals to code efficiently to develop smart contracts similar to the way Ethereum allows for the development of smart contracts. While there are many ways for cryptocurrencies to function, Neo allows for the creation of layers that allow projects to be built on the Neo block chain.

The Neo token creates another token that is used to power the network. Users are able to get the token when they hold the token in their wallet. There are several wallets available for the Neo token and the creation of the other token also can be held in some wallets or exchanges.

The Neo block chain continues to improve and work on upgrades such as the scalability. Neo is called the Chinese Ethereum by some. Neo also is different from Ethereum in the coding languages used. Neo will continue to change and modify to fit for solutions.

The value of Neo has increased over the course of the years. Neo has a circulating supply of 70 million. While there are many cryptocurrencies with similar characteristics, Neo is one of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap.

*This does not constitute investment advice. If you are thinking about investing or buying cryptocurrency, make sure that you research information.


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