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What is This Cryptocurrency? Tron

TRON | Decentralize The Web

Tron is a project that has received a lot of attention from the beginning of the project. Tron is a project that looks to create a decentralized block-chain network that allows for applications and smart contracts to be created. This cryptocurrency project is creating opportunities for new innovation.

From the website, Tron allows individuals the ability to explore a decentralized web called “network”. Tron has a decentralized web that no one individual can affect. There is scalability and as well as nodes that support the network as per the website. While Tron is not the only cryptocurrency to have a web network, it allows Tron to be used to power the network. The Tron cryptocurrency also has a wallet to store the cryptocurrency.

Tron is currently priced at $0.01 and continues to remain stable. Over the course of the project, it managed to reach an all time high of $0.22. The cryptocurrency has a total supply of 66 billion coins. While Tron continues to improve upon the network, it is interesting to see the pricing of upgrades and improvements on the coin.

The Tron cryptocurrency has the ability to be used for decentralized apps. There have been many partnerships with many websites to allow payments with Tron. Most of the websites accepting Tron seemed to be independent companies. Tron is used in the decentralized applications as well.

With the expansion of the cryptocurrencies as forms of payment for transactions as well as applications, it is interesting to see what Tron will become. There are multiple cryptocurrencies, but Tron has made it to the top 15 cryptocurrencies and has been added to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including eToro and Uphold.

* This information does not represent investment advice. If you are thinking about buying or investing, make sure to research information and consulting prior to making a decision.

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