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What is This Cryptocurrency? Ontology

What is Ontology (ONT)? | Beginner's Guide - CoinCentral

Ontology is a cryptocurrency that is new as well. Ontology attempts to create different block chains for multiple different projects. It allows for the customization of the block chain to create smart contracts for different purposes. Similar to Ethereum and Neo, it allows for the user to customize and possibly create on top of the complete project.

Customizable block chains allow for individuals to build on top the original block chain project or add to side chains which also function in similar ways. Ontology seems to have an original project that would allow a company or user the ability to create a block chain project on top of the Ontology block chain for specific company needs such as accountability of supplies or to verify identities.

The Ontology project has two different coins or tokens to use. One of the tokens is called the ONT which is the price described below. The ONT is used to help power the network and gain rewards. Those who hold ONT can get rewards because they help the network verify transactions.

Ontology has a total price of about less than $1.00. The cryptocurrency has a circulating supply of 696 million. The volume in the past 24 hours is of $86 million. Ontology has a market cap of $510 million.

* This is not investment advice. If you want to buy or invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to research information prior to making an informed decision.

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