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Basic Attention Token

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Basic Attention Token is the cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum block chain. The token allows individuals to receive tokens for seeing ads. After a certain amount of ads seen, the individual will begin to get Basic Attention Tokens. The tokens are given when an individual uses the Brave Browser.

The Brave Browser allows for individuals to get paid for seeing ads. Instead of having multiple ads in a webpage, the browser disable the ads and pays individuals who are able to see ads. The token can be stored on an internet wallet on the browser or they can get a different wallet to store the Basic Attention Token.

The Basic Attention Token has a value of about $0.26. The total circulating supply of coins or tokens is 1.4 billion coins or tokens. The market cap is $393 million. The price volume in the last 24 hours is $111 million.

* This is not investment advice. If you are going to invest in cryptocurrency, do must do your own research prior to making a decision.

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