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What is This Cryptocurrency? Nem

NEM (XEM) – Review, Mining, Price, Wallet, Exchange – BitcoinWiki

Nem is a cryptocurrency that allows users to use the cryptocurrency for transactions as well as to give users rewards if they choose to power the network. Nem stands for new economy movement which is meant to stimulate how financial technology can help. Nem is a cryptocurrency that allows for the block chain to have a system of accounting which determines the transactions that have occurred. Users can send the cryptocurrency to other wallets.

Nem began to be used in Asia more than anywhere else. While Nem is a newer cryptocurrency that attempts to fix some of the issues that Bitcoin and Ethereum had in the early stages, it allows for scalability. Nem allows individuals to create projects on top of the network.

Nem has a value of about $0.05. This cryptocurrency has a circulating supply of $9 billion coins or tokens. Nem has a market cap of $445 million and a total 24 hour volume of $12 million. Nem is one of the top 30 coins.

* * This is not investment advice. If you want to buy or invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to research information prior to making an informed decision.

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