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Cryptocurrency Market Update

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Another cryptocurrency that has decided to go exponential is Maker. Maker is a token that is used to keep the stablecoin decentralized at a stable value of approximately the amount of a dollar. This cryptocurrency has increased 31.96% and is valued at $756.13 at 1:50 PM EST.

Maker reached a value of $828.91 as the recent all time high value. The lowest value within the previous day was $582.69.

The third cryptocurrency with the highest percent increase is Chainlink. It increased recently with the increase of Compound and Maker. Chainlink went up about 18.69% and is currently valued at $15.86.

Chainlink reached a max value of $16.12. The low value for Chainlink was $12.31 from one day.

Meanwhile most of the top three coins are stable in value with mild fluctuations or negligible changes. Why these three cryptocurrencies have broken out is a good question?

One answer may be the relative use that allows for real world application of each token. The second answer could be the relatively low total supply of the tokens. The third could be that new cryptocurrencies may be able to solve additional queries compared to 1st generation cryptocurrencies. What do you think?

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