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Cryptocurrency Market Update(08/16/2020)

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During the start of the week of August 16th, the cryptocurrency market has been in full swing with three main coins producing double digit returns.

Orchid has recently seen an increase in price value as it more than doubled the value. Orchid went from being about $0.29 to now being valued at $0.70. The cryptocurrency coin has increased more than 110% in value. This cryptocurrency is a coin that can be used to be able to use the privacy network of Orchid which is similar to a VPN.

The next coin to experience double digit percentage points is the cryptocurrency coin of Omisego. This cryptocurrency has increased greater than 10% as it gained over the weekend. The coin is currently valued at $3.09.

Last but not least is Brave token which is used for the Brave browser. The Brave token has increased from the previous price of $0.24 into the now price of $0.31. The Brave browser has increased demand and a larger number of people are using the browser which may explain the recent increase in value.

In the meantime, 1st generation coins are remaining relatively stable. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have not experienced significant increases or decreases in value.

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