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Abraham, Moses, and David’s Faith Amid Obstacles

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Sometimes it seems difficult to find good examples of faith. For some, family members can provide a visible example of what faith looks like. The Bible shows us that there are various examples of faith that can show us that even during trying times, God is present and able to turn around any situation we may find ourselves in.

Abraham was the first example whose faith in God allowed an agreement to be developed due to his righteousness. God promised Abraham that he would have descendants that would be innumerable as the skies. God is sure to honor His agreement as today we see Israel thriving and the number of Jewish individuals growing.

Moses was another individual who had strong faith in the Lord and was able to accomplish tasks that would seem impossible by many standards. Moses’ walked in God’s righteous way and foubd favor with God. He chose to leave his Egyptian noble position and shepherd the people of Israel. He abandoned everything he had at his forty years including pleasure, luxury, power, connections, and title to do the will of the God of Jacob. He was successful in accomplishing the task of liberating Israel from Egypt and was able to lead God’s people to the area God had appointed.

David is another example of the faith. A young shepherd male who spent most of his time tending to the flock. David was also a skillful musician as he played the lyre. His opportunity to lead Israel came about when he was taking food to his older brother in the military when Israel was fighting Philistia. When a giant wanted to challenge a man of Israel, no one volunteered except for David. No one knew who David was and even his older brother was offended by David’s firm trust in his abilities. David slaughtered the giant and increased confidence in the men of Israel. His faith in God was everything to him and helped him defend his country.

What is preventing you from finding faith in the Lord? Is it money, pleasure, the illusion of power, a title, connections? You still have time to develop faith in God and find not only emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological well being but most importantly eternal salvation.

Post data: God loves you, cares for you, cherishes you, and wants you to spend eternity with steadfast love and gladness all the rest of your days. Will you accept His invitation? ❤

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