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Cryptocurrency Market Update(08/17/2020)

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It is a great week for cryptocurrency as there has been a constant increase in the value of the major cryptocurrencies. While altcoins continue to increase, Bitcoin has also broken the previous values and reached an all time high for the year. Bitcoin has reached a value of $12300.00.

Bitcoin reached an all time daily high of$ 12,486.61. Bitcoin reached a daily low of $11,775.00.

Ethereum has also followed Bitcoin in breaking through the previous level and is now currently valued at $430.00. Ethereum has broken past the $300 value and has steadily gained for the past two weeks.

Ethereum reached an all time daily high of $447.50. Ethereum reached a daily low of $420.50.

Bitcoin Cash has increased as well marking a new level as well. While altcoins were increasing last week, most of these coins were staying relatively stable until this week.

Bitcoin Cash reached an a daily high value of $325.33. Bitcoin Cash reached a daily low value of $301.27.

Cryptocurrencies were not the only to increase in value as precious metals such as gold and silver also increased in value.

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