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Gold and Silver Prices Increase (08/17/2020)

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Gold and silver have increased in value from the previous days. There was that one day that had a sharp decline, but since then gold and silver seem to be recovering.

For today, 08/17/2020 gold was able to increase to $1,981.26 which is about a 1.89% increase from the previous day. Gold was able to break the 2k resistance level last week and may be able to do it again if the timing is right.

Silver was able to increase to $27.47 which would be a $0.94 increase and a 3.53% increase from the previous day. Silver continues to advance and we will se if it will break the $30 value sooner than later.

Cryptocurrencies are also increasing in value which may provide for a small correlarion between gold and silver and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has recently increased passed the recent 12k valuation.

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