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Paul and Barnaba’s Healing Acts Confused With Greek Myth

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In the book of Acts, many miracles are seen that demonstrate the power given unto believers. Peter, Paul, and Barnabas were able to preach boldly, heal, cast out unclean spirits, and convert many to Christ. One specific instance shows the power of God made manifest in his church.

Paul and Barnabas were able to heal a man that was not able to walk from birth. They offered to help because the man had faith and believed in the power of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected. The man was able to walk. This demonstrates the importance of faith in God to heal us and help us in our daily life.

“And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well, said in a loud voice,”Stand upright on your feet. ” And he sprang up and began walking.”-Acts 14:9-10

The healing event causes the apostles to be seen with admiration and are even called Zeus and Hermes for their great signs. People start making preparations to sacrifice animal to them when Paul and Barnabas understood what was going on. Instead of getting their two minutes of fame, they directed the worship to God. They could have easily relished in the moment and obtained innumerable favors from feasts, money, clothing, and any number of materialistic items. However, they knew that the worship belonged to God only not to them.

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