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Transfer News: Lionel Messi to transfer out of Barcelona

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Possible change in teams for the Barcelona astro. Lionel Messi has voiced concerns about staying in the Barcelona team. While any team in the world would be glad to have Messi, there are specific negotiations that could take place to secure the best footballer in the world. It may be too soon to know which team will get the four time balon d’ or winner, but there are possibilities from top leagues.

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, the change in teams may spark concerns but ultimately shows that the best in the world have the ability to play for better teams and must be allowed to express their creativity without the limitations of those that fail to see the genius side of things. Many criticized Ronaldo’s leaving from Real Madrid years ago stating that it was due to the team voicing concerns, but ultimately Ronaldo has come out ahead with an Italian League Serie A title as well as improving Juventus records and chemistry.

Whether Messi goes to Italy to challenge Juventus or to another top league, it is much deserved that the top talent and genius of the soccer world is able to play at the top level.

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