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David’s Psalms and the Beauty of Faith

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Throughout the Holy Bible there are passages that relate to the importance of faith. Whether in times of abundance or times that were difficult, GOD asks his believers and even unbelievers to have faith that He will provide. It is not only a provision of food and nourishment but also provision of spirit, strength, discernment, and guidance. When GOD decides to provide, He provides completely and abundantly.

In the Psalms of David, we see many examples of GOD providing for David. David was placed in several difficult positions throughout his life, and the only way he knew how to move forward was through faith in the LORD who created him. There are multiple examples of David going to the LORD for comfort and refuge despite the circumstances. Little did David know at the beginning of his story that the LORD would make him a future king and would allow his son to become king as well.

We can only trust the LORD to help us in our daily living for He knows the plans He has for us. The LORD has a steadfast love that protects us and guides us through difficult times and uncertainties. While many people may place their trust in materialism or wicked connections, David states what happens when our trust goes to those that are untrustworthy. For that very reason, the first Psalm is entitled “The Two Paths”.

It states the two ways that individuals can go. Either following the commandments of GOD or choosing to follow after other paths that lead to no where. For that very reason, it is important to trust in GOD and not partake with that which is not from the LORD.

“For not a word they speak can be trusted; destruction is within them. Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.” – Psalm 5:9

David goes further and states that wherever iniquity stands, he will not partake. These are sure signs of a strict faith in the LORD that surpasses all human understanding. The LORD provides is one of the many names of the LORD who tells us to walk in his counsels and not forsake his commandments. David was a “man after GOD’s own heart”, and it was seen through his faith as seen in the Psalms.

“I hate the mob of evildoers, and refuse to sit with the wicked.” – Psalm 26:5

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