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The Batman Trailer

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It is almost September and there is good news concerning movies regarding The Batman and The Justice League. The trailer for the new movie, The Batman, allows us to see into a new universe where Robert Pattison puts on the cowl. While some may be reticent to look favourably on the casting decision, the trailer looks good. Pattison takes on the villains as the caped crusader while showing his dark side.

There are good hints at the current event news that are occuring within the trailer as to what constitutes fake news and lies. The tale is woven with hints at the possible villains The Batman will face off against with *spoiler alert* one of the being the Penguin.

There is still much more to know about the movie and it leaves enough suspense as a trailer should leave questions? Will The Batman take on a darker note than the previous Batman movies and if so what rules will this Batman follow? Commisioner Gordon is also impressive as actor Jeffrey Wright attempts to help The Batman.

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