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Hypocrisy and the Religion of Today’s World

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Anyone with the ability to use common sense, logic, and facts has seen the reality that is playing out in the our world. There is a trouble and ill will being displaced by individuals who want to act like power heads when all their power is rented at the moment. With the current events ranging from projection, hypocrisy, and down right cruelty, is is not difficult to feel a sense of burn out.

However, this burn out should not change our moral compass. It is an endurance game. It is meant to break us down to subject us to the whims of those that have power but a for an hour. We know that all power belongs to the LORD and soon enough it will be seen.

As a believer, if is normal to feel righteous anger burning as you see the way deceptive leaders are projecting their own errors on to people, creating distortion, and muddying the water to attempt to make everything seem difficult to know. From fake news to smear campaigns, it is important to know that all the strategies and acts of deceptions will be known for what they are.

Every act of malice towards humanity will be seen by the LORD, and He will place his cup of wrath upon those who conspired to attack his people both Gentile and Jewish. It is but for a little time. Do not feel worried or anxious believer for your redemption comes near. Put your trust in the LORD and forsake the attachments to a passing world. Do not be afraid and hope in GOD, the LORD.

“Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in his ways!”- Psalm 128: 1

“’Greatly have they afflicted me from my youth’ – let Israel now say-‘Greatly have they afflicted me from my youth, yet they have not prevailed against me. The plowers plowed upon my back; they made long their furrows.’ The LORD is righteous; he has cut the cords of the wicked. May all who hate Zion be put to shame and turned backward! Let them be like the grass on the housetops, which withers before it grows up, with which the reaper does not fill his hand nor the binder of sheaves his arms, nor do those who pass by say, ‘The blessing of the LORD be upon you! We bless you in the name of the LORD!’” – Psalm 129: 1-8

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