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The Fall and the Rise of H. Sapien

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With the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden, we see the nature that we find ourselves in. The activities that were once meant for good, have been modified through the gain of knowledge. The tree of knowledge allowed us to learn things that were bittersweet. We are able to learn about the significance of aging, but nothing can be done about it. We can learn about how to improve and attempt to create more food for populations, but the methods have been inefficient or a bit unappetizing. Knowledge has given us so much to know, yet it has not provided the betterment of humanity as a whole. It has not been the solution to rebuild paradise.

The answer to knowledge would have to be wisdom. Wisdom gets confused with knowledge as it may seen similar. Both allow for an individual to have a certain semblance of what is reality and how to use that semblance of understanding to either improve our situation or to better improve life. The difference stems in that knowledge can simply be information that may or may not be useful while wisdom is always useful. There are people who are in love with knowledge, yet do not have wisdom. There are people who have integrated knowledge and wisdom.

Some might ask, “What is your definition of wisdom?” To some wisdom might be hidden knowledge or the belief in learning continually over the years. Experiences may give wisdom because certain circumstances allowed individuals to understand how specific things work. This is in contrast to true wisdom. The Holy Bible says that true wisdom is the fear of the LORD. There would even be Christians who might question that because our LORD is a loving GOD who would not harm us, so why would we fear the LORD. The reason would be because if you have fear for the LORD, you would not commit sin or choose to go astray. This is because you would not only fear the consequences of the sin, but you would fear the breaking of the trust that exists between the LORD and you.

King Solomon stated that the fear of the LORD is wisdom and that those who have it have a good understanding. The most wise individual chose to say this. He did not state that wisdom is increased knowledge or a million terabytes of information. He states that fearing the LORD is wisdom. Why? If you fear the LORD, you would keep the commandments. If you fear the LORD, you understand His omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. You understand the greatness and love of the LORD that is beyond description and categorization. Therefore, can wisdom be a solution to the fall. Not necessarily. The acceptance of the LORD as our savior is the solution, but wisdom keeps us and maintains us so that we can never forget the importance of both.

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