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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Tron and Binance Coin Are Up Amidst Decrease (09/08/2020)

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On 09/08/2020, the cryptocurrency market is currently in a decrease with only two coins/tokens increasing. Bitcoin is stabilizing at the $10,000 amount and is currently at 6:25 PM EST worth $10,014.94. The percent change from the previous 24 hours is -1.79%. The market capitalization is currently at $185.11 billion. Bitcoin dominance stands shy of 60%.

Ethereum is also currently at a low having decreased from the $350 value which was the support level for the most of 2020. Ethereum is currently at $336 and may continue to decrease unless Bitcoin increases as there is correlation between the price action of Ethereum to Bitcoin at times. Ethereum is down -3.24%. The market capitalization is currenly at $37.88 billion.

Binance Coin and Tron have both had increases as compared to top 10 coins. Binance Coin is currently worth $22.58 and has a 2.83% increase. Tron is currently priced at $0.03 which is a 10.60% increase from the previous 24 hours.

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