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Free Will and Proverbs

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Throughout the life of King Solomon, the LORD appeared in dreams or visions and showed Him the two different paths that an individual can take. One of them included the LORD while the other did not. One promised the continuation of the kingship, land, and connection to the LORD, while the other did not. King Solomon would take these messages and write Proverbs based not only on the wisdom given by the LORD but also based on his experiences.

Proverbs displays the importance of free will that the LORD gives to individuals to choose a path that they want to follow. Although these choices exist, the reactions to the choices also exist. While the LORD wants us to worship Him, He does not make it an obligation. He did not intend for us to follow because we have to, instead because we want to. It is up to each individual to choose and that is the importance of free will that is given.

“The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them.” – Proverbs 11: 3

This verse in Proverbs shows the paths that can be taken by an individual. An individual can choose integrity or crookedness. From the choice, the individual then has reactions that occur based on which action they took. Initially, the action stems from the belief and the belief from our constant thoughts. What do we think about? Who do we believe in? What are our core values? From these thoughts, beliefs, and actions we are able to see what happens. When integrity is set in our minds and actions, we are guided by the LORD. When treachery is in the mind, crookedness changes to other paths.

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