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David’s Request and Psalm 67

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David was favored by the LORD for his steadfast love and faith for the LORD. Whether in the best of the circumstances or in the worst, David learned to praise the LORD. David asks in Psalm 67 to see the greatness and glory of the LORD shine upon His people. This was a request meant to signify their complete acceptance of the LORD’s love and abundance upon them. While the glory of the LORD is too much for the human mind to understand, David’s faith had allowed him to understand the greatness of the LORD without suffering harm.

When Moses first saw the LORD’s splendor and glory, he was afraid. Naturally, the presence of the LORD is too mighty and caused any one to fear. David learns to accept the steadfast love of the LORD and understand that the LORD loves us and cares for us more than we can imagine. He created us with a purpose and loves us unconditionally. While Moses did not know who the LORD was initially and felt fearful, once Moses was able to understand the love of the LORD through the meetings at the top of Mount Sinai, Moses was able to feel the steadfast love of the LORD. Moses would no longer fear the presence of the LORD, but accepted the glory and greatness of the One True LORD.

Similarly, in Psalm 67:1-7, David asks for the LORD to shine upon us. David is not fearful but greatful for the LORD’s kindness and mercy.

“May GOD be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, Selah

that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.

Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the people with equity and guide the

nations upon the earth. Selah

Let the people praise you, O GOD; let all the peoples praise you!

The earth has yielded its increase; GOD, our GOD, shall bless us. GOD shall bless us; let all the

ends of the earth fear him!” -Psalm 67: 1-7

There is a contrast between the steadfast love the LORD gives and also the fear that exists for those who do not know him. If we do not know our LORD, there would be a sense of fear similar to the fear Moses experienced when he first met the LORD at the top of the mountain. Moses was alone, away from his people, away from the comfort of security, physically and mentally tired from climbing the mountain, not knowing where to turn next. This would be a natural reaction for those who do not know the LORD. David is asking for the presence of the LORD because he has established a relationship with the LORD that enables him to feel safety and comfort in the LORD. The LORD is his refuge.

Moses would learn to feel safety and comfort in the presence of the LORD as well. Meeting with the LORD in the mountains multiple times without any sense of fear because he had understood the steadfast love of the LORD. We should do the same and not be fearful of the presence of the LORD. The LORD is to be praised by all nations and peoples.

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