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Through Faith Alone

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Many of the stories of the Holy Bible seem to defy the notion that we have to have all the resources, all the knowledge, all the connection, and everything set in order to succeed. Many stories instead show how the faith of an individual woman or man was able to change the course of their story. Whether the individual was Moses or David or Rebekah or Rahab, each one decided to trust the LORD in their difficulties.

Moses was able to take the Israelites out of Egypt through his faith in the LORD. He completely trusted in the LORD to give the Israelites the means, the food, the energy, the strength to continue even after they had been yoked to the Egyptians. They were given a renewed strength to go through the wilderness and continue ahead into their own land. The land that was promised to them from the initial covenant. A covenant that does not change and does not fail. All this resulted from faith in our Maker.

From a nation of a few inhabitants to having their own land. From having their own land to possessing the neighbouring lands and being able to become powerful and mighty through the hand of the LORD. All of this happens through faith in our LORD. Moses did not have everything he needed based only on logic. However he took steps in faith and the LORD appeared to him to show him the way he should go.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remember that you have the Creator of the universe as your Heavenly Father. He will not forsake you or abandon you. Did He abandon Moses? Did He leave the Israelites to fend for themselves against the Egyptians? Did He not part the seas so that they could walk through water and make it to their destination. Have faith in the LORD and his promises.

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