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Elijah’s Faith and Comfort

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When discussing the importance of faith, there are various examples that can be chosen concerning specific situations that arose at that specific time. Elijah is another example of the importance that faith plays in the life of an individual. While it may be difficult at times to go through specific situations, the faith that is placed on events improving is important. While Elijah was having difficulty, he made sure to act in the will of the LORD. While the situations Elijah was placed in included going and giving strong messages to individuals, Elijah made sure to abide in the will of the LORD.

Elijah was comforted by the LORD whenever there was strong opposition to his message. On one specific occasion, Elijah did not know if we would be able to continue. With the appearance of an angel, he was nourished with food and drink. He was able to regain strength to continue doing the will of the LORD no matter the difficulties. Similarly, we can see through the endurance of Elijah that we are able to continue to strive and move forward when we have faith in the LORD.

The LORD does not abandon us nor forsake. While Elijah may have felt alone in his situation, the LORD sent for Elijah and also appeared before Elijah and specified what Elijah needed to do. These instances are strong reminders of the love of the LORD for those who do his will. While there may be difficulties, the LORD does not forsake us or forget us. Like Moses, Elijah decided to continue following what the LORD had decided for him to do. As Elijah continued, he was comforted by the LORD.

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