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Trust in the LORD With All Your Heart

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“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” – Provers 3: 5

Our walk with the LORD is through faith and not through sight. We learn to keep moving with the LORD as our guide. Our flesh questions us as we move with the Holy Spirit into the unknown. The LORD is able to sustain me even when I have so many questions.

It is through faith that the LORD is able to work in our lives and make us a better person and individual. We are his worksmanship and we are images that reflect His love and understanding. My understanding could never amount or reach to the meaning or reason for what occurs, and I must trust not in my own understanding but in the LORD.

Through faith Ruth followed the LORD’s will. Through faith Esther planned resolved. It was through faith that David continued despite his difficulties. Through faith that Solomon built the temple. Through faith that Isaiah preached to the unrepentant. Through faith Jeremiah gave the LORD’s message to his people. Through faith the LORD acts.

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