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The LORD is In Control

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It is interesting to see how many of the events that occur in our lives seem to be difficult to understand by using our human mind. When we attempt to look what the LORD is doing in our lives through a view from the flesh, there are situations and circumstances that make us feel like why did we experience some specific event? For me personally, it was not being able to continue in medical school among other situations. There was so much happening for me at the moment that I did not know how to deal with so much falling out of place. I had spent seven years preparing for this specific moment to be able to practice what I though was my path, and then everything seemed to fall out of place.

I spent time trying to understand what the meaning of everything was from the flesh point of view? What could I have done to make things better? What could I have done to change something? I was passing the classes but there was so much behind the scenes that felt like I was battling so much. I recently saw a video from Pastor Francis Chan indicating that everything happens for a greater good. The title of the Sermon was about the End of Days, but it actually dealt with the control that the LORD has over creation. There are events that are outside our control that the LORD intends for our good. I had become rather heartless and cold as I entered medical school and what I thought I wanted to do for others had become all about what I could accomplish.

Some events may be too painful and may lead us to question our decisions, our choices, our rationality, our beliefs, and have us second guessing our self-worth. Through the sermon, I was able to gain closure to something that I could not understand. The LORD decides how history unfolds and what is to occur. What we perceive as something that may actually be an obstacle or a re-direction can actually be deliverance and restoration. What the enemy means for evil, our LORD turns for good. There are countless examples of these situations when we feel that nothing makes sense. Yet if we have faith and trust in the LORD, we are able to know that He has planned everything out not to forsake us and leave us out in the cold while He looks away. He does it to better us in ways we cannot comprehend. His ways are higher. Who am I to question the acts of the LORD? Does the pottery question the potter or the painting question the painter?

If you feel like this year has not made any sense, understand that you are not alone. Understand that the LORD hears all your prayers and is making all things good through His ways. Do not grow bitter as I and do not feel that the LORD does not love you because things are not going your way. The LORD loves us and is good regardless of the highs and lows, regardless of the circumstances and events, regardless of the joy or pain, regardless of the mountains or valleys, regardless of our strengths and fears, regardless of our haves and needs. The LORD is good.

When Jesus was about to be handed over out of His own free will, He foretold what was going to happen to the apostles. He knew Judas had betrayed Him even before Judas had gone and spoken. He knew Peter would deny Him even before Peter knew what circumstances would lead Him to deny His savior. He knew He would suffer on the cross for our sins, and He knew He would be resurrected in three days and would return to establish His kingdom. Regardless of everything that happens in between, the LORD controls history and creation. There is no event that surprises Him or challenges Him. He is all might, all powerful, and all seeing. He is the beginning and the end. He breathes life into us and we live and He takes away His breath and life is no longer there.

For this reason, it is important to understand that if you are not saved, put your pride away, put your ego aside, turn from your sins, and understand that there is no challenge to the LORD. Your rejection of the Father will only lead to condemnation. Not because the father wants you to be condemned but because you chose to condemn yourself. Time is short and we are approaching interesting times. No ones knows the time or date, but there are seasons that can tell a lot. Understand that your lust will not give you the pleasure that you want to fill your heart. It leads you astray and destroys you. Consumes you and causes separation with our Father. Spiritual idolatry will not help either. There is no substitute for what the LORD provides in our lives.

I hope that you are able to find peace and joy and understanding if you are saved during these times and even if you are not saved, I wish that you can try just once to look deep inside at what is separating you from the love of the LORD. I wish that you can find peace as well. I love you brothers and sisters and may you feel the peace of the LORD in your hearts.

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