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In this section of the webpage, you will find books for self-help as well as other types of books. You can also buy the books on Amazon, but I will attempt to offer discounts if you buy the books from this site.

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Get One of the Books Right Now Whether You Are Learning A New Language or Want To Learn Something New, This Is The Time To Start!

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Resurrection Radio Podcast

The Resurrection Radio Podcast is meant for believers to keep their faith in Jesus Christ and to be able to have quality content that builds up. For non believers, it is meant to raise questions concerning the false philosophies and false beliefs that prevent individuals from realizing that Jesus Christ is the LORD and Savior of humanity. There are fourteen episodes included with the website podcast link to listen to the Resurrection Radio Podcast.


Questions of Faith

The following book is a study guide with questions that believers may have during their study of Scriptures. It is meant to serve as a supplemental guide to the understanding of Scripture.


Writings Concerning Scripture

An e-book that is a Scripture study companion. The main theme of the book is the grace of GOD and the salvation that is given by Jesus Christ. The book has separate chapters that deal with both Testaments and tell about the importance of the prophets and Jesus Christ.


The Three Kings of Unified Israel

An e-book that describes the time when Israel no longer had judges and began to have kings. It is a Bible companion that allows for study of the Scriptures and allows us to see the future role that Jesus Christ would be for Israel and the world.


Learn Spanish for English Speakers

An e-book that helps with learning introductory Spanish for English speakers.


Aprenda Ingles Para Hispanoparlantes

Un libro electronico para poder aprender Ingles desde cualquier lugar. Este libro es para principiantes que quieren aprender un nuevo idioma.


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