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The LORD Provides

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“And Elisha said to her, ‘What shall I do for you? Tell me; what have you in the house?’” – 2 Kings 4:2

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There is a beautiful passage in 2 Kings that demonstrates the way the LORD is able to provide for His people if we only have a bit of faith. Elisha, the prophet, wanted to help out a family that was in need. He asked what he could do to help them. This example shows that when we are called to live a life serving the LORD, we are to serve by giving as Elisha did for the family. It can be giving our time, our effort, our resources, or simply being kind and compassionate. In this example, Elisha was kind, compassionate, and provided the effort and time that he had.

When the family is noted to not have much, Elisha asks the woman to bring in empty vessels that can be filled with what she did have. She had a little bit of oil. To Elisha that was enough to bless her. When the neighbors brought the vessels, they began to be filled with oil. One after another began to be filled completely. This reminds of Psalm 23 and the promise that the LORD fills our cup up to the brim in some interpretations and in others it states He fills our cup until it overflows. The faith of Elisha and the woman was enough. It was not the oil or the resources that were of importance, it was the full faith and belief in the LORD providing that allows them to obtain their needs.

It is noted that Elisha told the family to sell the oil and to live off what they needed from there. This shows us that the LORD is able to provide with what we have. He is able to provide for our needs and allows us the ability to continue if we continue to have faith in His promises.

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