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Establishment of Steps

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“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16: 9

There are many instances in the Holy Bible which state of specific situations that occur that are outside of our control. We may plan to do something and turn out to do something else. We may think we may learn a specific topic or subject and may actually learn something completely different. Whether we wish to admit it or not, there are somethings that are out of our control even with free will.

We may plan to visit a specific country or specific place, and they turn out to visit somewhere else. There are many instances like these where we plan things and they seem to change. This is referenced in Proverbs 16 where we are told that our hearts plan a specific way but it is GOD who directs and establishes those steps. Sometimes we think we way want something when in reality we may have wanted something else.

This year seems a lot like this specifically. While it has been something completely different, we have managed to continue learning about ourselves and everything around us.

This allows us the opportunity to introspect and learn about ourselves and our ways. We must learn to keep a positive attitude regardless of what happens around us. Ultimately, our steps are established by the Creator and we must be able to learn to be thankful each and every day for everything that we receive and give.

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