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“Shout for joy to GOD, all the earth; sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise! Say to GOD, ‘How awesome are your deeds!” – Psalm 66: 1-2

Thanksgiving is a great time to praise the goodness of GOD. We are given an opportunity to remember everything that He has done for us and all the help that He provides. It is difficult to recount all the wonders of the LORD as they are great and numerous in number. From the very simple necessities such as food and water to the ability to learn and understand things that are far too marvelous and wonderful, the LORD gives abundantly.

We are not to compare and contrast, but rather to be mindful of what we have and the blessings that we are given. We are to be mindful of the simple things as well as the complex things that show up in our lives. We know that all things work together for our good and are also blessings.

Because of this we are instructed to sing and praise the LORD for everything that He has done for us. While there may be changes, there are always something to be grateful for. Today is a great day to give thanks for everything that is positive as well as the lessons that we have obtained. Praise the LORD for everything that He has given us and for everything that we are able to enjoy. There are blessings to numerous to count which are able to show us that we are loved.

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