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“Jesus said to him, ‘Truly, I tell you, this very night, before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.’” – Matthew 26: 34

When we attempt to understand the events that transpired on the night in which Jesus was placed into the judgment of sinners, we have several questions to ask. What was the point of impeding the ministry of Jesus if He was not a political zealot? Why cause such a commotion over an individual who talked about abstract matters that possibly had no effect on political or economical matters?

Jesus’ ministry started in Israel and did not leave Israel aside from the Greeks that possibly spoke about him when they met. Thousands of years later and Jesus’ ministry is spoken all over the world. How can someone who did not own economical means be renowned? How can someone who did not have political ambitions be known by most countries? How can someone who spoke three languages, Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew have His story translated to most of the languages of the world?

It is quite difficult to answer some of the questions without writing a whole book about each topic. However, it is quite easy to answer them in the simplest form. When there are many key points correlating and coincidences, we begin to question if there is a purpose to all of this. Why believe in a virgin birth? Why believe in miracles? Why believe in the resurrection? Why believe in the healing? Why believe in the events that He prophesied?

On the first question from the first paragraph. The point was not a political governing body on Earth but a message that allowed us to transform ourselves through his example of following the purpose or will of GOD through faith, humility, and love. The kingdom spoken about was not of this world. This would possibly alienate many individuals who want to be practical and prefer monetary and societal benefits. What is the point of arriving to this world if these benefits are not accessible? Because this world is a temporary world that is not meant to last. Just as a stock in Kodak seems like a bad idea at this moment compared to Amazon or Facebook although stocks are temporary too. (Bad example I know.)

I understand that there may have been circumstances that I know nothing about of how difficult they may have been that may have caused a decision to be taken. I do not intend to judge or state that some situations are difficult. However, all the resources of this world do not make for salvation.

The virgin birth was necessary because it allows for the birth of an individual without sin. Had Jesus been born as a human, he would have a fallen state which did not occur with the virgin birth. There are stories in other myths that state that his father was a roman soldier when in fact this is not corroborated in any other text. If he was in fact a roman soldier’s son, he would have access to benefits of Roman’s and may have needed to serve in the Roman military which of course did not take place.

The miracles show us the acting power of GOD. He uses his servants in order to show his power and might. Moses was able to part the sea when exiting Egypt along with the Israelites. Elijah was able to bring down fire from the sky to burn up a sacrifice offered to the LORD. Therefore, in canon with the Old Testament, miracles are possible.

The resurrection occurred as a miracle of the divine power that existed when Jesus was able to resurrect after three days. He had stated that this would happen when He mentioned the destruction and rebuilding of the temple in three days in metaphor.

Healing is a type of miracle that occurs. There are numerous occasions where in the Old Testament, prophets were able to heal individuals. Healing occurs because there is faith and belief from those that believe that they can be healed. Jesus healed many individuals that were suffering not only from physical ailments but other types.

Jesus prophesied several events including the events in Revelation. For the concise summary of this blog post, the prophecy referenced here is actually concerning those referred in the Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark chapters. Jesus foretold about the events that would occur to him even prior to them occurring. Jesus knew who Judas Iscariot was when He chose him as a disciple and knew who He was when Judas left the upper room. Nothing surprises, has surprised, or will surprise Jesus. He prophesied the signs of the times concerning future events. He prophesied that his disciples would deny him. He prophesied that the second temple would be destroyed. Through all of this, we are able to understand that as much as we want to relegate past history in accordance with the present there are truths that will always be truths.

Due to the truth spoken, there were several who were offended. From the money changers that had their tables overturned and were close to being whipped to the apostle that ate with him, some uncomfortable truths seem to disrupt the social fabric based on lies. When love attempts to permeate contempt and falsehood, there is bound to be a reaction. Many in history have blasphemed the name of Jesus because it reminds them of selflessness.

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