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“Let the peoples praise you, O GOD; let all the peoples praise you!” – Psalm 67: 3

The most important point concerning the way prophets and kings acted as to shift their attention to the glory of the LORD. They accomplished great actions in history, but they always made sure to give the credit to the LORD. Regardless of the difficulties or experiences they went through, they were joyful to note the way the LORD was with them throughout their journeys.

The ultimate goal is to shift the praise to GOD. GOD is the one who is to be praised and worshiped. In contrast to this, we read Shelley’s poem Ozymandias which contrasts to the desires of humanity. While we may want to be exalted, the LORD will decide if this happens. The LORD exalts the lowly but the haughty he know from afar. We know that regardless of what happens, He, GOD, has written history.

He has written the history of Egypt, Babylon, Rome, among many empires. Sure there is the aside to say that they were only reconstructed or changed, but ultimately the structure of their rise resonates with Ozymandias. Meanwhile, the LORD sits enthroned on his throne from of old.

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