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The First Commandment, Faith, and Wisdom

"Fear GOD and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." - Ecclesiastes 12:13

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The sin of Solomon was the adoration of following his wives beliefs over the true beliefs of GOD. Solomon failed to follow the commandments that GOD had stated. Rather than remaining loyal to GOD, Solomon decided to go after the gods of his many wives. Eventhough Solomon was wise in the eyes of the inhabitants of Israel and the surrounding areas, he failed to follow what GOD had reiterated multiple times in the course of his reign. GOD appeared twice in visions or dreams to Solomon, but Solomon did not pay attention to the warning signs. Wisdom can help an individual become important and may help solve problems of the kingdom, but it failed to keep an individual from straying from the commandments. Wisdom attracted much more than holy things which included less and less limits. There is a reason why an individual has limits in his or her life. If there are no guiding beliefs then an individual can become destroyed by their sense of limitless perceptions. 

We must be careful not to fall into the temptations of the world that attempt to take what GOD is giving us. There is a reason why we must focus our attention on avoiding sin and keeping what GOD is commanding us as children of GOD to follow. We need to continue following GOD's commandments and continue to believe in the word of GOD. The moment we let our ego win, and we forget that everything good comes from GOD is the moment when we will fall to sin. There is no one greater than the LORD our GOD, and we need to be in preparation for what He shows and allows us to do. 

The wisdom of Solomon may have been on the reasons why he fell away from GOD. By having such a great gift it attracted the attention of women. Instead of following GOD's commands, he went after the beliefs and points of views of his wives that served other gods. Instead of choosing women from Israel, he went after women who were foreign to his kingdom. The issue is not that the women were foreign but that their foreign status would implicate that they were princess who followed other gods. This would indicate that the women would have to have specific considerations concerning their religious practices which would be opposed to the practices that existed in Israel. Namely the main difficulty in remaining loyal would be that the foreign religions practiced polytheism which was contrary to the first commandment. 

By following other gods, Solomon had his heart divided. He attempted to follow GOD, but began to practice and raise temples to his wives. This led to Solomon to not follow the first commandment wholeheartedly. Once an individual breaks the first commandment, it becomes easier for that person to ignore the faith in GOD. For this reason, while extraordinary gifts are appreciated and should be used for the praise of GOD, betterment of oneself and those around him, they should not be the main focus as they can lead individuals astray to sin. In contrast to Solomon, David had faith without the extraordinary wisdom and it allowed him to continue keeping the first commandment. Faith is able to move the mountains and bring blessings from GOD because it is rooted in the trust in GOD. GOD provides regardless of the obstacles, enemies' plans, or the difficulties. GOD is eternal while the obstacles, enemies' plans, and difficulties are not. This faith is what allows us to continue. 

We must keep the first commandment unless we go to follow other belief systems that lead to sin. GOD is forever King of kings and LORD of lords. 
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