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Great is the LORD

” The LORD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. The LORD is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made. ” – Psalm 145:8-9

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Through the story of David in the Bible, there are countless instances when he decides to praise the LORD. Each instance seems to occur after a specific difficulty or adversity. King David teaches believers the importance of maintaining our praise of the LORD in the hills and valleys.

Psalm 145 occurs after King David was asking the LORD for help from his difficulties. What could lead David to continue worshipping and praising the LORD amid such situations? There must be a portion of the realist that wants to stop the praise because the difficulties continue. When David was being watched by Saul’s men, the realist point of view would have indicated that there was no reason to praise the LORD due to the difficulties. However, David does not choose the realist point of view but instead chooses to maintain faith and keep praising and worshipping the Most High.

When David was being attacked by his own son, he continued praising the LORD even when it appears that he continues experiencing difficulties. Instead David flips the human thinking into a thinking that stems from faith. He is not preoccupied for the difficulties but praises the LORD through the difficulty. He maintains his faith in the unseen as if being able to see the unseen.

Each day this way of thinking can lead our lives to be extraordinary because the LORD is receiving the praise and worship. Faith allows this to happen. Faith allows us to see beyond the material and shift our focus to the spiritual and the good. We are able to focus on peace, love, and mercy and the good that we are given.

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