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Isaiah’s Description of Prophecy

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“For the LORD has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the cause of Zion.” – Isaiah 34:8

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Isaiah was a prophet that also devoted a great amount of his writing to eschatological discourses or events. These writings when seen in correlation with other passages seem to give a definitive picture of what the latter days will be like. The eschatological discourse describes a day when the LORD, the Almighty Father, will fight for His people and destroy those who have caused pain and suffering for the just and righteous. While there are images and descriptions of GOD being caring and steadfast in His love, there is the wrath that GOD is capable of for those who do not wish to follow His way.

One on side, Isaiah describes the abundance that GOD is able to provide even in the desert where there are harsh conditions for vegetation and scarcity of water. GOD is able to provide regardless for the difficulties that exist simply because He is GOD. On the other side, there is the terrible day of the LORD that allows us to see that our LORD does not forget or turn a blind eye to the injustices of the world and its inhabitants. If the host of heaven that turned against GOD did not and will not escape His punishment, how much more will human beings.

It is important to see that GOD is a just GOD that sees the attacks against believers. David specified that he was disliked and hated because he followed after good. Moses was tired of the mistreatment his Jewish brothers and sisters were experiencing at the hands of Egypt. Jesus healed the sick and those that were unable to walk while rebuking hypocrisy and indifference. GOD has shown through multiple examples that He loves and cares for us and does not want any single one of us to perish. We are given a choice to experience a day of joy with the LORD that will continue into eternity or a day of vengeance that will continue to eternity.

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