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Isaiah’s Ability to Find Peace

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“You will say in that day:

‘I will give thanks to you, O LORD,

for though you were angry with me,

your anger turned away,

that you might comfort me.” – Isaiah 12: Verse 1

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Isaiah 12: Verse 1 Readings

While there are times when it appears that there are difficulties that prevent us from enjoying our days or giving thanks, we are reminded in Isaiah that the LORD is able to comfort us. We are told that even when He is angry, the anger can turn away and became comfort. This shows us that the LORD is able to forgive and allow individuals to turn back and change their ways in order to help find righteousness.

Isaiah may not have sinned, but He was showing Israel that there was a way to depart from sin in order to see comfort instead of anger. We are instructed to follow and learn to give thanks and offer praise to the LORD in order to understand that we are able to change our ways. Isaiah allows us to understand that we are made in the image of GOD and are made to praise GOD. We are made to have joy and it allows us the possibility to feel at peace.

With each example of Isaiah, we are told of a future when everything will be made better. There will be a future of rest and peace. While waiting for the future, we are instructed to take comfort in the way that the LORD is able to restore us and help us feel at peace in each day. We are allowed to enjoy each day and understand that it is the LORD who makes this possible.

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