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Spiritual Salvation and Belief

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“May all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you! May those who love your salvation say evermore, “God is great!” – Psalm 70: 4

Psalm 70: 4 Audio

We are reminded that our Heavenly Father provides rejoicing and gladness to those who seek to follow the commandments and follow His path. There is so much to be received when we embrace the love of our Heavenly Father and accept how He is able to shepherd us. We are reminded to express our gratefulness and worship because it is through the LORD Almighty that we are able to continue moving forward. What does moving forward mean? To some it may mean different things but moving forward would mean maintaining our faith in the promises of GOD while honoring through following of the commandments and making choices that will enable us to share our faith and belief. It is being able to keep our faith strong in our LORD and Savior while at the same time being able to share our belief to those that may not have experienced the opportunity to receive the LORD.

There is a reminder to establish a relationship of spiritual closeness with the GOD allows us the possibility to understand His will in our lives. Jesus Christ is calling you to salvation wherever you are at the moment. While there may be many events happening at the same time, we are reminded that we can continue trusting in the everlasting love of GOD. GOD is able to provide no matter the circumstances as His presence is with those who believe in Him. This is the reason for our rejoicing and our sense of gladness that is accompanied with the steadfast love and faith in the LORD.

We can have the ability to trust in GOD even when there may be changing events. We can say GOD is great through our lives since we are His creation, and He gives us not only our material necessities but our spiritual necessities which allow us to be at peace even through the circumstances. This faith and hope stems from our sincere belief in the promises of GOD who does not leave or forsake us but comforts us. Therefore even before the birth of Jesus, John (the Baptist), or some of the previous prophets, King David was already describing the beauty of believing in our GOD and being able to show others the ability to accept the salvation that comes from GOD. King David being a precursor to Jesus Christ, allows us to understand that our GOD is not only a GOD of physical salvation who provides our daily needs and protects us, but a GOD of spiritual salvation. This is the interesting part. What is spiritual salvation? Spiritual salvation is the reality that our bodies are temporary but our souls are eternal. Where we want to spend eternity is the actual real question about spiritual salvation.

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