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“Let the heavens praise your wonders, O LORD, your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones!” –

Psalm 89: 5

Psalm 89 Verse 5 Audio
Psalm 89 Verse 5 Reflections

When we try to understand the existence of creation there are things seen in the visible and those that are invisible. It is through faith that we are able to believe in what is invisible. If we allow ourselves only to experience the visible and neglect or forget about the invisible we fail to see the importance of faith. Through Psalm 89, we are able to see that there exists creation that is invisible. Meaning we are not able to see it with our eyes in the physical world but that exist.

Faith is necessary to have a connection and relationship with GOD because through faith and prayer and worship and singing we are able to recognize that He exists. He is real and while there are the visible things of this world, there are things that are unseen. There is wisdom that cannot be understand through the accumulation of knowledge, but has a greater source. It was through faith that we are able to recognize what is spiritual and unseen. We understand through Psalm 89 that there is an assembly of holy ones that are there praising the LORD and worshiping. Therefore, we are not alone in our spiritual journey as we are able to understand what is unseen.

It is through faith that we are able to move forward and experience our belief grow. When we experience this spiritual transformation and renewed faith in GOD, we are able to feel at peace knowing that there are things being worked out that are too great and too marvelous for us to understand. We may not know where we are or where we are heading, but we know that there is GOD Almighty who has already placed everything in order. There are no surprises for GOD. Everything that happens is for the glorification of GOD. We can experience tranquility knowing that there is a reason for everything. Through the example of the holy ones, we are able to understand that GOD does all things for our good. We are to follow with faith as GOD is faithful.

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