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Prophecy in the New Testament

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“And he went and lived in a city called fNazareth, gso that what was spoken by the prophets might be fulfilled, that he would be called a Nazarene.” -Matthew 2:23

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During the times of Jesus’ birth, there was political instability in the area due to the different factions competing for power and influence. Due to this, Joseph had to help his family flee from where they were living due to the beliefs and actions taken by some individuals. During this time, Joseph took his family to Nazareth which was a small town with not many inhabitants. The purpose was to save the family and allow for the political and social system to change. Through all this, Joseph was being guided by GOD to fulfill the will of GOD.

Through all these actions, the will of GOD is sustained and what was spoken by the prophets was actualized. From this action, Jesus would be living in Nazareth which was very specific concerning what was to happen. There were specific connotations associated with the word Nazarene. One of the connotations include the belief that Nazarenes were set apart to fulfill prophecy and to give understanding to individuals. A notable Nazarene was John the Baptist who made sure that people knew the way of everlasting life. There could be associations between past prophets and the Nazarene way of life which demanded abstaining from certain actions on top of the commandments as a way to be set apart.

These actions were done not to prove a holier than thou approach, but to indicate that a prophet or individual was attempting to gain a closer connection to GOD. Through this, we are able to see that the will of GOD prevails and allows us to understand that His love and mercy allow us the protection and guidance we need. Joseph was guided by the angels to safety through the will of GOD. The city where Joseph and his family would live was also chosen by GOD. Joseph chose to follow the will of GOD and continue following GOD’s guidance.

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